What to take with you on a narrowboat holiday?

Once you have booked your narrowboat holiday you might be wondering what to take with you?  Well first find out what is included in the boat hire.  Most hire companies include bedding – duvets and sheets, but not towels.  So you will need bath and hand towels.  All the pots pans crockery and utencils are always included in your hire, so no need to bring these things.  It is more the little extras that will make your holiday go that much better, that you need to think about.

If you think about the items you might need when travelling along the canal.  Binoculars, for seeing wildlife close up or spotting other craft coming towards you on the canal.  Passing the binoculars around the family gets them involved too.  A camera is a good item to pack. Although most of us now carry a mobile phone will camera included, a digital camera on its own still gives better landscape pictures, in my opinion. Having mentioned the mobile phone, obviously bring it along as well. Texting people back home and sending interesting photos as you travel along the canal can be fun. Fishing rods are not usually included in your boat hire but may be rented from the narrowboat company.  Better still, why not bring your own. There are plenty of shops along most canal systems that sell fishing equipment.  Two rods for the family to use whether it is raining or bright sunshine, will keep the family busy!

If it does rain or in the evening when you are tied up alongside then playing cards or dominoes are  great family games to play. So pack some cards and dominoes.

Other compact board games could also be brought along with you.  The kids will want to bring more hi tech games as well, so make sure they have actually got them packed! Almost every boat hire company will have a TV on board their narrowboat, so bringing the Wii Fi plus games is also an option. For very young kids, colouring books and plenty of drawing materials will keep them occupied.

A range of outdoor clothes will help your enjoyment. It is very unpleasent putting on wet clothes the next day if you have not brought a few to change into.  So a good waterproof jacket should be packed.  Some boat hirers include a waterproof jacket for the helmsman (helmswoman) but not for all the crew.  Wellies for wet tow paths is also a good idea. Trainers for dry weather.  Avoid flip flops as they are a menace on boats! Umbrellas for rainy days and for sunny days are useful.

If you have not booked your narrowboat for travelling along the canals this year, why not find out just how little it will cost.  For a short break or a longer holiday, follow this link for more information.


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