Norfolk Broads – 9 out of 10.

A recent survey of holiday destinations showed that the Norfolk Broads were in the top 10 this year!  With less families going on holiday abroad in 2013, the Norfolk Broads is a great place to spend time with all the family.  The value of the pound compared to the euro means that more people will be holidaying here in Britain.  Good news for local tourist companies!  Well if you are used to spending £2000 upwards on a holiday for you and the kids, why not spend less than £1000 on a boating holiday on the Broads?  If you hire a boat for 4 people for a week this summer, many boat hirers can offer you a deal for less than half what you usually spend.  And it will probably be more fun!

Everyone loves being in, on or near the water in summer.  Messing about with a boat of any size is very enjoyable, whatever your age.  Off the boat, in surrounding countryside, towns and villages, there is plenty on offer to keep all the family occupied.  Historical buildings, art galleries and museums for the old and young, with interactive entertainment nowadays.  Throughout the Norfolk Broads there are loads of opportunities for all the family to do things that they have never done before!

On or off the hire boat, you can be as busy or lazy as you choose.  If it is a relaxing time with your head stuck in a good book, then this is the place to be.  Surrounded by water and wildlife you are able to drift off in your imagination to wherever you want to be, if you choose.  Why not look into booking a boating holiday for your family, this summer? You will be surprised at the price, especially if you are used to package holidays abroad.  Follow this link to boating holidays at Hoseasons to find out how much this type of holiday will cost.

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